Lemon Lime Andreini Vaquero

Usually I post interesting boards or ones that I think are good deals. I don’t know that there’s anything super interesting about this Andreini on Craigslist other than the fact I simply love his boards. It’s a 7′9″ Vaquero, apparently custom shaped, with a fuller nose (not so sure that I see this here…the silhouette looks pretty standard to me), thinner rails, and a spiral vee in the tail (according to Andreini’s site, stock Vaqueros are flat in the tail). First $750 takes it – pretty fair price if you ask me. I’m curious if the thinner rails make this board a more traditional hull a la a Liddle, as you often hear Andreini’s hulls are more user-friendly than the super bladed point break machines that take the same moniker. Either way I love the lemon lime paint job and if you’ve never had the pleasure of surfing one of Andreini’s boards this is a pretty fantastic opportunity.

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