New York Surf: Charlie Bunger

This Craigslist find is near and dear to my heart. As someone who spent his grommet-hood on Long Island, New York, I have always had a soft spot for East Coast surf culture. New York is a veritable surfing backwater, which stands in stark contrast to its status as one of the most important and visible cities in the world. Before Balaram Stack and Will Skudin made us proud, the last New York surfer of note seemed to be Rick Rasmussen, whose existence seemed to be confined to the occasional reference in Eastern Surf Magazine.

Bunger Surfboards is a venerable brand, and not just by New York standards. It originated in the 60s, named after shaper / owner Charlie Bunger. Located on Long Island via Craiglist is a 1966 model that has been restored. It’s a 10′1″ classic noserider, and a cool relic from the Empire State’s surfing past. First $575 takes it…check it out here.

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