Dick Brewer Single Fin

Dick Brewer is a legend. Full stop, do not pass go, do not collect $200. But his name, sadly, has been licensed out to death, and considering just how famous Brewer is, it’s not always super easy to find real deal boards that have been shaped by the master.

I found this listing on Craigslist, and to a non-expert, it looks like it passes the sniff test. The leash plug and the glass-on fin both look like they are from the late 70s. The original poster has pegged the board as a 1977 Pipeline Gun, measuring in at 7′2″. The signature is interesting. You can clearly see it’s “R Brewer”, and it looks like it was signed above the tint, and not directly on the stringer itself. Contrast this with other signatures, such as this one, which clearly spell out “Dick Brewer” and not his first initial. (The signature pic was originally via a Wall Street Journal article on Dick Brewer, which is behind a paywall.)

This thing is certainly priced like an original at $1250. Check out the listing here.

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