File this one under reasonable price for a dope board. I try to highlight steals and deals here, but sometimes you just have to pay full freight.

Available on Craigslist in San Diego is an 8′10″ Mandala Seraph. The Seraph is a tri plane hull design with a pintail. As you have probably realized by now, Shred Sledz HQ is home to some of the biggest Marc Andreini fans out there, and Manny Caro of Mandala spent a lot of time with Andreini when he was still based out of Oakland. Caro has since decamped to San Diego, where he puts out these beautiful boards, often sharing some of the same design concepts that make Andreini’s sleds so interesting and functional. I can’t say for sure but the Seraph looks very similar to Andreini’s Serena model, and I bet it’s a real treat in decent-sized surf.

This one clocks in at a reasonable $750. Not exactly a heist, but I think a fair price to pay. However, I have to mention that the price is contingent on the condition of the board – the posting suspiciously doesn’t have any pictures of the deck. Either way, Manny’s boards seem to move pretty fast on Craigslist, and I thought it would nice to feature one. Check out the listing here.

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