Pavel & Tudor

What we’ve got here is a reasonably priced little two-fer in the San Francisco Bay Area (in Mill Valley, just north of the city). This is a gem of a little Craigslist post with two very tempting surfboards up for sale. Surfboard #1 – the pink board pictured – is a 7′8″ round tail egg from Joel Tudor Surfboards. Unclear who the shaper is from the pics. Bill Shrosbee and Stu Kenson are some reasonable guesses, as the owner of the board dates this to the early 2000s, in the early days of the Joel Tudor Surfboards label. Oh, and before we get too carried way going down the endless rabbit hole of surfboard trivia, this board is a steal at $350.

Second is a Rich Pavel fish. Pavel shapes under the Greenroom Surfboards label, and you can see the logo clearly in the last pic. The Craigslist ad says it’s a Speed Dialer; however, Pavel’s website suggests the quad fin version of the famous Speed Dialer is actually called the Creekfish. The board is 5′10″ and the owner claims it was surfed less than five times. $550 is a reasonable price, if not quite the ridiculous bargain of the $350 for the Tudor egg. As a point of comparison, there’s another Rich Pavel quad fin fish on Craigslist now for $375, and that’s with some pretty serious looking ding repair on the tail.

As the Craigslist add suggests, both of these boards would be worthy additions to any self-respecting surfer’s summer quiver, and they’re available at good prices, too.

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