Bahne Surfboards: Crystal Ship Vee Bottom

What has two thumbs and loves weird transitional surfboards?

This guy!

God, that joke is TERRIBLE. The sooner it is brought out behind the woodshed and shot and taken out of its misery, the better. My apologies for keeping that thing going longer than it should have.

You know what I’m not sorry about, though? Putting you onto the latest cool and weird vintage surfboards popping up on the interwebz. Shred Sledz is a mission-driven business…just kidding, it is neither mission driven, nor a business. But we do take an unabashed delight in sharing the minutiae of surfboard design with our audience (that means you, Mom.)

What we have here, available on Craigslist in LA, is a Bahne Crystal Ship transitional shape. It’s got a dope vee bottom – only fitting that with Midget Farrelly’s passing, some cool old vee bottom transitional boards have been popping up. Stoked-n-Board dates the Crystal Ship as only being manufactured in 1968. Bahne, of course, is a venerable old surfboard brand that boasts some top California shapers among its early ranks (Jim Phillips and Mike Hynson). This thing is so rad! There are some issues with the board for sure – check out that water damage on the bottom near the fin, for example – but at $325, I don’t think that’s necessarily a terrible price for a very unique surfboard from a well-known California brand. The listing also makes it sound water tight, which is a nice bonus.

Check out the Crystal Ship here.

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    1. Hi Grahm! Nope, not selling the board…this was an older post from when your board was originally posted on Craigslist. No idea what happened to it or if someone else has it now.

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