Christian Fletcher & McElroy

Christian Fletcher may not have ever won a world title, but it’s hard to understate his impact on surf culture.

Fletcher is a fascinating character, and you’d think by now there would be some Emmy-award winning 30 for 30 documentary about his life, playing on repeat on ESPN2 during the weekdays. Fletcher is a scion of the famous Hoffman / Fletcher surf clan, born into surf royalty from day one. And after a promising start to what seemed like another standard SoCal competitive surf career, Fletcher famously rebelled against the surf industrial complex and earned fans for his unabashed punk rock brand of rebellion.

Fletcher wasn’t without his share of personal problems, too, including some well-publicized brushes with drug use. But like many counter culture icons, the hard living and the don’t give a fuck attitude had just as much to do with his popularity as his aggressive and innovative surfing.

It speaks to Fletcher’s lasting influence that a board bearing his name — in pretty poor shape, I might add — would still be going for $250+ on eBay with four days left in the auction. But then again there aren’t many surfers out there like Christian Fletcher, and this seems to be reflected in both the artwork and the price of the board.

Give it a bid here if you’re so inclined!

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