Zinger Eaton Bonzer by Mike Eaton

Mike Eaton, alongside the Campbell Brothers, is one of the shapers best known for his contributions to the Bonzer.

This board, via Craigslist in Orange County, is pretty funky. It looks to be an Eaton Zinger shape, which is basically considered a twin-fin Bonzer, even though it’s technically a quad fin setup. Look at the deep channels in the board, too – that’s one of the signatures of Eaton’s Bonzer shapes.

Eaton also has a .pdf of an in-depth Surfers Journal article up on his site, which can be found here. It mainly focuses on the Campbell Brothers and their tireless efforts to get the respect for the Bonzer it deserved, but it’s very much worth a read if you’re at all interested.

The board looks to be in great shape and it’s on sale for $395. The poster claims it was shaped in 1994, which isn’t quite vintage yet, but it’s still rad in my eyes. Sadly, Eaton looks to have suffered a stroke in January 2015, and it’s unclear if he is shaping boards again. Our best wishes to Mike – you can see the blog on his website for updates on his condition.

You can find the board here.

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