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I was stunned to find this Gerry Lopez-designed Hansen gun on Craigslist a few days back. No link today, because hey, the journey is the reward! That and I’m still thinking of scooping this one up, depending on whether or not I work up the nerve to float this proposal to Shred Sledz’s CFO, who also happens to be my extremely patient fiancee. The board isn’t in phenomenal condition – I left out another picture showing some significant damage to the tail – but I’m surprised to see the board still floating around.

Fewer than 1,000 of these Lopez guns were made, starting in 1970. Hansen ran a little writeup on the board earlier this year, which you can find here. The model is also called The Dart, but there are no Dart logos visible on the board whose pics are attached to this post.

I’d also like to broach what is a taboo subject among many surfboard collectors: price.

If, like me, you are a devotee of Vintage Surfboard Collectors, you’ve seen every tentative question around the cost of a surfboard treated like a Goldman Sachs-funded inquisition that is antithetical to everything about surfing and its culture.

Well, I hate to break it to you, folks, but I’ve yet to come across a surfboard I didn’t have to pay for. And considering how difficult it is to get prices on boards, I think it’s worth sharing some information I have come across.

First, Surfboard Hoard was / is selling one of these Hansens for $975, with the claim that it is all original. You can find that board found here. The board on this post looks original, but it will surely need some decent fixes, and there are significant dings on the deck.

Second, it looks like another Lopez / Hansen board sold in a recent US Vintage Surf Auction. You can find a link to that auction here. It appears the winning bid was $2,000, with another $175 for shipping. That board was in excellent condition and also supposedly all-original.

Third, Used Surf (Japan) has one for sale, but the price is ridiculous. I hesitate to even call it a reference point. You can see the board here, if for some reason you not only have a burning desire to get ripped off, but are in a hurry to do so too.

Finally, I have come across a few that still could be for sale, but do not have any prices listed:

Surf Station

The Surfboard Project (scroll down or search for Hansen)

And as a bonus, because here at Shred Sledz we are nothing if not thorough (haters might characterize us as verbose), here’s an Encyclopedia of Surfing article where Lopez himself reflects on the boards he designed for Hansen, and how they ride. Check it out here.

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