Crow for Carbonell

This surfboard (via Craigslist in LA) is like seeing Helen of Troy with a terrible boob job. It is a beautiful old board from the 60s, likely shaped by Larry Weise. (You can barely see his initials – “L.W. Crow” underneath the #93 in the fifth picture). The board is such a cool old school shape, and Carbonell, a Laguna Beach-based brand, wasn’t one I had ever heard of before. I like that it measures in at a solid 10′, too – I can imagine taking this thing out in some small waves and being able to just scratch into anything.

Sadly, though, there is the matter of that horrible black noseguard. It looks like it’s likely hiding some damage near the nose as well. It might all be a dealbreaker considering the board is going for $500. Either way, worth checking out. You can see the listing here.

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