Michel Junod Glider

Michel Junod is a legendary shaper in Santa Cruz who has been plying his craft for around fifty years or so. What I really like about Junod’s surfboards, other than their functionality, of course, is that they always look beautiful. His boards are often colorful without being too flashy, and have simple, aesthetically pleasing lines.

This board here, found on Craigslist in Santa Cruz, is a 9′6″ triple stringer longboard with an awesome turquoise color. I can’t seem to find a corresponding model for it on his website. Maybe it’s a mini-glider of sorts? The signature on the stringer indicates it’s a custom shape. Anyway, the Craigslist location says the board is located right off 41st Avenue in Santa Cruz, and I imagine this craft would be ideal for the numerous right hand points to be found nearby. Oh! And the best part is this board is listed at $450. That’s a great price (though there might be some dings, there’s one clearly pictured above the stringer, and the nose looks like it could use a little touch up), provided the condition checks out.

Check it out here.

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