Mark Richards: The Wounded Gull

Check out this sweet Mark Richards surfboard on Craigslist.

For those who don’t know, Mark Richards remains one of the most decorated surfers in history. The Aussie won four consecutive world titles from 1979 to 1982, a feat that went unmatched until Kelly Slater came along and re-wrote the rules of pro surfing.

After hanging up the contest singlet, Richards has distinguished himself as a well-known shaper. This little specimen, measuring at 6′2″ x 20″, dates back to 1986, with a clear date on the stringer.

I love the 80s paint job on this bad boy, as well as the interesting channels on the bottom. Richards is best known for his swallow tailed twin fin shapes with ultra bright airbrush jobs, and this one is a little different given the thruster setup. The paint job is rad, though!

The main holdup here is whether or not the board was shaped by Richards himself. The best evidence I could find of a Richards signature on a hand-shaped board was from his website, and it looks a little different than the no-name dating on the stringer for this board.

It’s also a bit steep at $950. Still, who can say no to an 80s board in pretty great condition? You ain’t gotta buy it, either – just look at the pics! More on the Craigslist posting, found here.

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