Skip Frye Eagle Glider

Spoiler alert: I have written about Skip Frye before, and I am going to write about him again. And probably a lot more after that, too. Shred Sledz might be a work in progress, and in its nascent stages, there are still some things we are trying to sort out. There are other beliefs to which we hold steadfast, and here at Shred Sledz HQ we take Skip Frye’s status as one of the most admired board builders on the planet as an article of faith.

Frye’s creations are some of the most sought-after surfboards on the planet, especially his fish, his noseriders, and his glider shapes. From what I understand you can’t even order a board from Skip without having some kind of in. His boards that pop up on the second market tend to move quickly.

Needless to say, I was delighted to see a Skip Frye glider in relatively good shape turn up on Craigslist. You’ll often see people attaching shameless prices to Frye boards that have been well-used and repaired. This here is an example of a Skip Frye Eagle, which is the model name he uses to describe his gliders, and it’s priced at an exceedingly reasonable $800. This particular example measures in at 10′2″, and while it’s not in perfect conditions, the dings look manageable (though I would want a closer look at the ones on the bottom.) I imagine it paddles like a Cadillac, and if you can’t catch waves on this thing, well, surfing just might not be your sport.

Shout out to the always incredible Stoked-n-Board for providing some great intel on this particular shape. You can see the numbering here in the last pic, which reads “S.D. 1028″. S-n-B has detailed info on the numbering, which pegs this board right at the end of 1994. The airbrush and the Moonlight Glassing logo (see the original Craigslist posting) look about right for this time period, too.

I’m curious about the hammerhead logo on the board, which I have never seen before. If anyone has any info about that, feel free to chime in.

Otherwise, check out the board on Craigslist here.

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