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Here at Shred Sledz HQ we have a fine appreciation for all things surfboard-related. But all parents have their favorites, even if they’re not allowed to say it.

Luckily, Shred Sledz’s editorial staff / sole founder / janitor has no such compunction when it comes to political correctness. Marc Andreini is one of our favorite shapers, and that’s because he’s in his sixties and still rips, shapes rad boards, and is an all-around nice guy.

This board isn’t an Andreini, per se, but it looks to be an older White Owl board. White Owl is a venerable California brand, and Andreini has helped resurrect the marque in recent years. Once upon a time, a young Marc Andreini was a White Owl team rider himself, and the brand seems to hold a special place in his heart.

This thing is certainly boasting its fair share of battle scars, but it’s cool to see what appears to be an older White Owl, and not one of the newer ones shaped by Andreini (which are also extremely rad). The board doesn’t come with a fin, but at least it’s water tight. Buy it now is $650. It’s kind of steep if you ask me, considering the extensive repairs that have been made. I’ve spared Shred Sledz readerz the pain of having to look at all the dings that have been patched up over the years on this board, but you can see all the gory details on the original eBay listing.

Peep it on eBay, found here.

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