Recent Al Merrick Hand Shaped Thruster

Shred Sledz usually likes to celebrate more off-beat surfboards, but there are always exceptions to the rules.

This board, located in Haleiwa, Hawaii and posted on Craigslist, is a pretty standard step-up shape no doubt made in mind for the powerful surf of a North Shore winter. According to the poster, it was made for Aussie pro Yadin Nicol.

Two things are notable about this board: first of all, it has a clear Al Merrick signature on the stringer, indicating that this was shaped by the master himself.

Second, it’s listed only at $90. The deck looks like it has its fair share of pressure dings – good luck finding a board that once belonged to a pro that isn’t run into the ground – but an Al Merrick handshape that can be had for less than a Benjamin Franklin is a pretty fantastic deal. I continue to marvel at how his boards are priced, considering Merrick’s stature. My personal suspicion is that they will continue to go up in price once the world gets wise to the fact that there aren’t any more of them being made.

Check it out on Craigslist here.

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