Bahne Single Fin

Sorry for the short-term hiatus, kids! I know that it has likely been a week of bleakness without Shred Sledz’ signature dosages of vintage surfboards, found in the hidden nooks and crannies of Craigslist, but fear not, for I am back and still frothing for some sweet vintage sticks.

I am writing this entry from mostly wave-less Long Island, New York – listed at a charming 1-2′ and “Very Poor” on Surfline right now – but there are still some gems to be found nearby.

Take, for example, this Bahne single-fin, which can be found on Craigslist in Ocean City on the Jersey Shore. Bahne Surfboards is the namesake of shaper Bill Bahne, who was mostly based out of the San Diego area. This board looks like it’s in fantastic condition, and the poster claims it has been kept in storage for decades. I would guess the board is from the late 70s for a few reasons. Stoked-n-Board’s entry for Bahne lists the swallow tail as having only been shaped in 1977. In addition, the board’s serial number looks like #5,042, which would also match up to S-n-B’s numbering data (lists #4,846 as being in 1975, which would put #5,042 sometime after that.)

Also, take a look at that gorgeous fin! I love how it seems to match the blue and cream color on the board itself.

There currently isn’t a price on the board and the poster is accepting offers. Who knows if he’ll be willing to part with it at a reasonable rate, but like I always say, it can’t hurt to take a gander at the pics.

Check out the board here.

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