Mike Eaton for Bing Surfboards

This might be my very first post about Bing Surfboards. Considering Bing’s place in surf history, that means this post is very much overdue!

I know I use the word “classic” a lot, but hey, I just so happen to write about some pretty sick surfboards. Bing is a quintessential California surf label, co-founded by two men who have earned their right in surfing’s history books: namesake Bing Copeland, and Rick Stoner, who later founded his own eponymous label.

I stumbled across a fantastic little Bing transitional shape that is still available on Craigslist in the San Diego area, which you can find here. The poster claims the board was shaped by Mike Eaton, who was one of the early advocates of the bonzer shape. You can clearly see Eaton’s name (though it is stamped, not signed) on the stringer in the last picture.

I can’t quite figure out what model this board might be. According to Stoked-n-Board, Eaton shaped for the label between 1965 and 2001. You can see a stamp on the stringer that indicates this board was shaped on August 15 1977, which places it towards the very end of the transitional era. The 360 logo on the board is also a giveaway for this time period. Curiously, the 360 logo isn’t listed on S-n-B’s page for Bing Surfboards, which seems like a big oversight given that you often see it on Bing boards from this time period.

The board is 9′ and 23.5″ wide. It also features a step deck. There’s another inscription on the stringer that says “Pinski”, which I am having trouble placing. It doesn’t seem to correspond to a specific Bing model, so I’m wondering if maybe this was a custom shape for someone with that name.

And if you’re into classic Bing shapes, there is an entire website dedicated to the topic: Classic Bing Surfboards. One page features a whole bunch of pics of Bing boards from the 1960s, and there’s a separate page featuring some cool transitional shapes.

They’re asking $500 for the board – reasonable, but not a steal – and you can find it on Craigslist here.

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