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Found on Craigslist in Long Island, New York (the boyhood and mostly wave-less home of Shred Sledz, I’d like to point out), is this beautiful 10′ Con Competition Wing Nose longboard. In my humble opinion, Con Surfboards has the sickest, cleanest, coolest logo of just about any surfboard manufacturer out there. Even today, fifty or so years after its founding, the logo looks modern and stylish.

Con made two variants of the Competition Wing Nose Model: one for the West Coast and one for the East Coast (which is a really rad idea if you ask me.) You can see an old Con Surfboards ad for these models here, via some crafty Swaylocks commenters. Another old ad references the fact these boards were originally made for competitions, and the East Coast / West Coast split was to reflect the fact contests were held on either coast.

As far as I can tell this board looks like it’s probably from sometime in the 60s. I would guess it is unrestored as well. I’ve spoken at length about my distaste for the unnatural bright and shiny colors of fully restored Frankenstein boards, and this one here looks sufficiently aged, but still in fantastic condition. You can see in the last picture there’s a serial number on the stringer (3337), and according to Stoked-n-Board’s reliably awesome and thorough entry for Con, this pegs the board at having been made sometime between 1963 and 1964.

Another indicator is the fin. Compare it to this thread on Swaylocks, where a couple of 40 oz beers are being poured out for a beautiful old Con wingnose whose original fin box was swapped out for something more modern. The fact this one is glassed on makes me think the board is older, not to mention the distinctive rake of the fin, which you often see on older boards. Same goes for the absence of any sort of leash plug.

Stoked-n-Board also dates the Con logo with the “Santa Monica” addition to anywhere between 1963 and 1977. Warning, though, to eagle eyed readers who want to go on this alone. I’ve seen some examples of Con boards that have the “Santa Monica” logo but are modern. Scroll to the bottom of this Swaylocks thread for an example. If you want to look at another Competition Wing Nose (West Coast Model), SHACC has some great pictures here.

The seller wants $1500 for this board, which seems fair to me, actually. Last year’s California Gold Vintage Surf Auction sold a Con Super Ugly in great condition and the estimate was $4K – $7K. Granted, the Super Ugly is a far more famous model, and auction prices are going to be higher, but to me the $1500 seems pretty fair in comparison to those prices.

Check out the board here.

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