Con 70s Single Fin

Just who is this mysterious Jeff of Palms / West LA?

Without fanfare he shows up on Craigslist and drops some vintage heat. Best of all, it is always at reasonable prices. Jeff doesn’t seem to be into the flashy shit, just some cool surfboards that harken back to a fondly remembered California of yesteryear.

He just posted some rad stuff, including a 1960s Sea King log, a colorful Robert August 70s single fin sporting some rad fluted rails in the tail, and the board pictured in this post, a Con 70s single fin that looks to be unrestored and still in decent condition.

It’s not perfect, and I’ve saved you some of the gore from the dings that invariably build up over time, but it is a cool board. And Jeff, being the generous soul that he is, has listed this at $170, which strikes me as being very fair.

Stoked-n-Board dates the logo to sometime between 1969 and 1974. Similarly, the serial number (#12279) looks like it probably happened sometime in 1970. I know I regularly sing Stoked-n-Board’s praises, but it is truly the single best resource for information on vintage surfboards, and humble Shred Sledz would not exist without it.

Check out the Con single fin here.

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