Haut and About

Doug Haut is a well-known shaper in Santa Cruz. If you’re unfamiliar with the man, Surfer Magazine did a nice little write-up on him that you can find here. He also runs Haut Surf Shop.

Haut was recently inducted into the Shaper Hall of Fame (which, ironically, I couldn’t find), and in an accompanying Instagram post, Marc Andreini called Haut the best shaper he has ever known.

Sounds like Haut isn’t one for the spotlight, but nonetheless, in honor of this recent accolade, here’s one of his older boards, currently available on Craigslist in Haut’s very own Santa Cruz.

The gun measures in at 8′2″ and it was shaped sometime in the 70s, hence the absence of a leash plug.

Check out the board here if you charge Steamer Lane during the bigger days and you’d like to give a nod to one of Santa Cruz’s most famous shapers.

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