Plastic Fantastic Surfboards: Groovy Surfboard Brand of Yesteryear

Plastic Fantastic Surfboards is a groovy surfboard label that came to prominence in the 70s. I’ve always loved the name, which was apparently taken from the Jefferson Airplane song “Plastic Fantastic Lover.” Despite my better instincts, I love the logo, which screams 1970s. Some might say it’s not in a good way, kind of like those weird avocado-colored washing machines you’ll see every now and then, but hey, at least it’s distinctive.

Two Plastic Fantastic Surfboards are up for sale on Craigslist. The first one (pictured above with no color and the blue pinlines) is located in Providence, Rhode Island, and you can see that listing here. The poster claims the board was made in the early 70s and it comes with an original fin. Dims are 5′6″ x 21″ x 3″. I can’t tell if it’s just the pictures, but the tail definitely suggests the board was made sometime in the 70s, so I tend to agree with the date on this. The board is apparently water tight and it’s listed at $350 – not a bad price in my book.

The second board (yellow deck with red bottom, and blue flower logo) is located in Atlantic Beach, Florida. You can find that listing here. No dims are given, and the board is significantly steeper at $550. It has some dings that need to be repaired, and I would really like to see better pics of the tail as well as the fin that comes with the board.

The one problem with Plastic Fantastic, and with so many other great surfboard brands, is that it can be tough to figure out how “authentic” a board is (or what “authentic” even means in this case.) Two wonderful resources for learning more about PF boards are Stoked-n-Board’s entry here, and this great Swaylocks thread.

You can find the Craigslist postings here and here.

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