A Model of Efficiency: Surfboards Hawaii

If you’re in the Orange County / LA area, there’s a cool little Surfboards Hawaii Model A floating around on Craigslist. Link here.

It’s not cheap – the poster is asking $725 for the board, which has some obvious discoloration on the deck – but it’s a cool example of an older Surfboards Hawaii board. The brand is one of my absolute favorites, and it’s always great to see examples of these boards floating around. As the old saying goes…they’re not making any more of them!

The triple stringer design is pretty cool and unique.

In doing some quick research, Stoked-n-Board predictably has some useful information on its entry for Surfboards Hawaii. Apparently the original Model A was produced in Encinitas (Surfboards Hawaii had factories there and in Haleiwa) between 1964 and 1967. According to this thread on Swaylocks, the Model A is a step deck design, which was common during this era.

Retros were also made of the Model A starting in 1991. The logos for the original board and the more recent retro models are almost identical. The only way to tell the difference between the original logo and the retro lego is that the space between “Surfboards” and “Hawaii” is much wider on the original.

Compare the screenshot attached to this post with the one inserted below. In the picture below, you can clearly see that “Surfboards” and “Hawaii” are pushed much closer together.


Dick Brewer even hand shaped some of these boards, as he was shaping for Surfboards Hawaii during this time. It’s unclear if the example here is a Brewer handshape or if it was made by someone else.

For some great pics of another Surfboards Hawaii Model A and then a Model AAA (which was apparently a shorter transition shape counterpart to the original Model A), you can go to Used Surf, a Japanese website that has some beautiful old boards for sale. Here’s the Model A by Brewer, and then a Model AAA also shaped by him. You’ll notice they have the same distinctive triple stringer setup.

Check out the board here.

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