Ben Aipa for Surfboards Hawaii

Spotted on Craigslist in Paso Robles, California is an interesting Ben Aipa / Surfboards Hawaii single fin.

I’d never seen this logo before, nor does Stoked-n-Board’s Surfboards Hawaii page show anything resembling this design. From what I can tell, there isn’t an Aipa signature anywhere on the board, which I believe is unusual as well. Surfboard Hoard has an example of a Surfboards Hawaii board shaped by Aipa, with very different branding and logos. I have included one of the pictures below:

The board pictured with this post isn’t in the best condition. For one, there has been a ton of work around the tail, and at least two other dings that required significant repairs. There’s also the issue of the unsightly black nose guard, not to mention the remnants of a deck pad. It’s sad to see such a cool looking board in half-assed condition, but oh well. And at $600 I can’t say you’re getting a bargain, either, but perhaps this is a very rare logo that would require a premium.

If you’re interested, check it out here.

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