Phil Becker for Sunline

My favorite Craigslist finds are the ones that require a little extra digging and research, and aren’t necessarily as obvious as, say, a Gerry Lopez Lightning Bolt up for sale.

During another ill-advised Craigslist binge I came across this board, which you can find listed in San Diego. It’s simply advertised as “Surfboard late 1970′s single fin”, and while that’s technically true, there are some interesting details here that aren’t mentioned in the listing’s title.

First, as you can see in the third picture, it looks like this board was shaped by Phil Becker. Becker went on later to found his eponymous label, where he distinguished himself as one of the most prolific shapers in recent history.

Once again Stoked-n-Board has some great information on the Sunline label. Apparently Becker shaped boards for Sunline from 1977 to 1980, which matches up with the outline and overall style of the single fin pictured here. Moreover, you can see the “Dave Hollander Color ‘78” marking on the logo (see picture #4), indicating the board was shaped in 1978. Hollander would later go on to co-found Becker, making this board an early look at their burgeoning partnership.

The board is going for $275 right now, which seems quite fair given that it’s in good shape and it’s a Becker handshape from the late 1970s. You can check it out here.

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