Vintage Gordon & Smith Noserider

If you’re in the Boca Raton area, check out this vintage unrestored 1960s Gordon & Smith longboard on Craigslist. The poster claims the board is from 1964, and a quick eyeball test indicates to me that this could be the case (e.g., look at the glassed on fin, the rake of the fin, and the outline).

G&S is about as venerable as California surfboard brands get. The first thing that stands out to be is the green logo on the board. My guess is that the logo was originally a black one that faded over time to its current color. You can see other examples of discoloration on the board as well. Stoked-n-Board’s entry for G&S indicates that the logo dates from this era, too. (Note: S-n-B’s entry has a typo. The logo is labeled as ‘Figure 38′, but the matching description for ‘Figure 39′ is clearly the one in question, and it is listed as being used for boards from 1964.) The nose is a totally different color, and you can see two bands around the logo where the deck was somehow shielded from the sun. I’m wondering if some details of the board weren’t removed at some point – maybe design elements that were laminated onto the fiberglass exterior. For example, here’s a Swaylocks thread that has a board with similar bands across the deck, which could have easily been removed from this example here.

This thing isn’t in great condition, and for $900, that might be a non-starter. Surfboard Shack has a G&S noserider listed for sale for $1,000 that is in much better condition (though I wouldn’t be surprised if the board is actually out of stock). But as we like to say here at Shred Sledz HQ, it’s always free to look!

Here’s a link to where you can find the board on Craigslist.

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