Santa Cruz Throwback: Rick Noe

Given that I call Northern California home these days, I feel obligated to shed light on some shapers from this neck of the woods – particularly when considering the platform afforded to me thanks to Shred Sledz’s worldwide notoriety as THE destination for verbose posts about old and obscure surfboards. Look, when you have a reader base that extends into the single digits…it’s practically a duty to give back.

Noë Surfboards is based out of Santa Cruz. The label was originally started by Rick Noe, who sadly passed away in 2004. However, Noe Surfboards continues strong today thanks to Rick’s son Buck, who shapes boards for some of the best surfers in the Santa Cruz area. For a moving look at the history and the heritage behind the brand, you should check out Noe’s website.

The board pictured here is for sale in Sebastopol California on Craigslist. The only dimensions listed are 7′4″, and it has a classic 70s single fin / diamond tail design. The board looks like it is in incredible shape, and I can’t get enough of that Steamer Lane logo and the sweet airbrush. If I had to guess, the board pre-dates the Noë brand as we know it today. According to Stoked-n-Board, Noë Surfboards was started in 1970, so I would guess this shape is from sometime in the early 70s. The seller is asking $400. On one hand, that is pricey for a used board, but on the other, this is an unusual board from an extremely well-regarded Santa Cruz shaper that is also in great condition.

Check out the board here if you’re interested.

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