Surfboards Hawaii 1960s Noserider (Refurbished)

I’ve written about Surfboards Hawaii numerous times before, and what can I say? There’s just something classic about this brand. I love the simple, unadorned logo, the rich history, and of course the murderers’ row of talented shapers to pass through its doors. This storied label is no longer being produced, though I have heard that Jim “The Genius” Phillips has a stash of Surfboards Hawaii logos and will gladly affix them to a custom-ordered board. See here for an example of a new, Phillips-shaped Surfboards Hawaii stick, via Surfy Surfy.

There is an early 1960s 11′ noserider available for sale on Craigslist right now in Encinitas, which is pictured here. The board is in excellent shape, though it’s worth noting that there are some significant fixes that have been made. For starters, the board was completely resealed a few years ago, and some surgery has been done on the fin, albeit by talented Santa Cruz shaper Michel Junod, who spent a good chunk of time on Hawaii’s North Shore himself. In the picture of the deck you can see a light spot where apparently a Newport Beach Surfing Permit once was! It’s a shame, as surf permits are a cool throwback to the early days of surfing.

As the Craigslist posting points out, there’s an outside chance the board was shaped by Dick Brewer. Apparently you could pay an extra $15 to get a Brewer custom shaped boards at the original Encinitas location of the Surfboards Hawaii store, so take that for what it’s worth.

The board isn’t cheap at $1100, but it’s in fantastic condition. You can check it out on Craigslist here.

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