Tanaka / Paul Strauch

Another day, another Paul Strauch-designed Tanaka Single fin.

This board can be found in New Jersey on Craigslist, buried in a listing for a few other boards. I wrote about another Tanaka I found earlier, which had some different branding and logos.

The board pictured here has a Paul Strauch logo, which you can clearly see in the first pic. Recently another Paul Strauch branded Tanaka was sold for $2,600, albeit in excellent condition. Another Strauch / Tanaka board was sold in 2008 at a different auction for around $950, which you can see here.

This bad boy is listed at a mere $325, which seems like a decent price given the auctions linked above. Of course, one has to look at the board in person to be sure it’s in great shape, but overall I think this is a very reasonable price for a board that has shown some popularity with collectors.

Check it out here.

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