Hansen Derringer

Despite the newly opened Nland Surf Park, Austin, Texas has some way to go before it can lay a claim to being a surf town. To my pleasant surprise, however, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find some rad boards within striking distance of some of the country’s best barbecue!

Pictured here is a Hansen Derringer model that is located in Austin, Texas on Craigslist. The Derringer is a relatively rare transitional era design that was produced between 1968 and 1970. According to Stoked-n-Board, less than 1,000 of these boards were produced during this time period.

As you can see in the third picture, the Derringer boasts a hull design – with a convex bottom, or “belly”, as it is commonly referred to – that was popular during the late 1960s / early 1970s time. What isn’t visible in the picture is that the Derringer also has a vee bottom, which is one of the cooler designs during this time period. There are still some modern shapers turning out vee bottoms. Marc Andreini has his McVee, which I wrote about earlier here. Bruce Fowler’s V8 is a popular design, too.

This picture was originally posted on Jamboards.com. It has been taken from a different Hansen Derringer, and it clearly shows the tail and the vee bottom. You can see the way the tail is shaped in response to the vee shape of the bottom, where it looks like the foam has been removed from the deck part of the diamond tail.

Photo Credit: RATZAX on Jamboards.com

Finally, the Hansen Derringer has an awesome psychedelic 60s logo, which you can clearly see in the first picture.

The poster is asking $600 for the board. I can’t really find a lot of historical price points for these bad boys, but I saw this Derringer sell recently on eBay for $600, including $120 in shipping. There are no pics with the posting, so it’s hard to make any judgments about the condition.

The board pictured here looks like it’s in potentially great shape. I’d like to see more pics of the horizontal line running across the deck to make sure it’s not evidence of anything serious, but I’m encouraged by the bottom and the presence of the fin, which looks original. If you’re interested, check out the board here.

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