Rich Harbour Single Fin

File this one under “here today, gone tomorrow.”

The Craigslist link has since been taken down, but let this be a lesson for being quick on the draw.

Pictured here is a single fin from Harbour Surfboards. While Harbour, the namesake label of celebrated shaper Rich Harbour, is a classic California brand, truthfully, much of my interest in certain labels comes down to old fashioned aesthetics. If I think the boards look cool, then I’m interested.

I love the signature Harbour triangle logo, which you can see in the first picture. It’s probably most frequently seen as a black logo on a white background, as seen below. Still, there’s something appropriately aquatic about the blue / green color combo seen on this post.

The logo on the deck of the board is more useful for dating the example listed here. Because it’s a single fin with a lot of foam in the nose and a wide point that is pretty far up the board, I would guess it dates to the 70s. Stoked-n-Board lists the “Surfboards by Harbour” logo on the deck as starting in 1973 (see figure 7 on the link).

Sadly, there’s no fin on this board, which might have given some clues as to its origin. It looks like it’s a standard Fins Unlimited fin box but I can’t be sure, and Stoked-n-Board states that Harbour included Fins Unlimited boxes starting in 1976.

The worst part about missing this thing on Craigslist? It went for a mere $100! Oh, well. Tomorrow will hopefully bring more vintage surfboard steals.

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