Rick Single Fin

Here is a vintage Rick single fin that is up for grabs on Craigslist in Echo Park, Los Angeles. It’s not perfect, by any means – I’ve omitted the pictures that show some dings that have been not-so-beautifully repaired – but it is only $60.

More importantly, it’s a genuine Rick board! I love finds like this one because there isn’t much mention of the brand name on the Craigslist listing. No telling who the shaper is, but there’s always a chance it was made by Phil Becker. By now you should be accustomed to having me direct you to Stoked-n-Board for more info, and of course, S-n-B’s entry on Rick Surfboards has some great stuff. The logo here looks like it maps to what S-n-B lists as common for the 1970s, although this board only says “Rick”, and not the entire “Rick Surfboards” logo.

There are many more famous – and expensive – Rick models to be had. The ne plus ultra is probably the Barry Kanaiaupuni signature model, which was produced back in the 60s. Here’s an example of one that was listed on eBay a little while back (note that it was restored by Randy Rarick). I’ve included a picture below.

Picture courtesy eBay

Rick Surfboards was the genesis of what eventually became Becker Surf. Becker bought the Rick Surfboards factory in 1980, and the rest became history. And while this board might not be one of the holy grails associated with Rick, it’s supposedly water tight, and you can’t really beat the price (though you should, as always, check out the ding situation before forking over any cash).

Check out the board here.

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