Prelapsarian Single Fin: Non-Neon Schroff

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Yesterday I wrote about some cheaper options for those of you seeking to recapture all the hair metal magic of the 1980s in surfboard form. Hit up this link if you’d like to look at a pair of reasonably priced Hawaiian Island Creations boards.

Today I present another alternative: finding some more out of the way or overlooked creations from shapers and labels who became famous for other designs.

Schroff Surfboards, founded by shaper Peter Schroff, is one of the most famous brands from the 80s Echo Beach scene. I’ve written about one of his boards earlier. Schroff, a branding master who went on to craft marketing campaigns for big surfwear companies, helped create the flamboyant 80s aesthetic that we still remember today. I mean, just check out what his boards look like:

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The boards like the ones in the picture above command a premium on the open market. It’s no surprise, given the unmistakable look, with the angular black and white logo set against some of the most garish paint jobs to ever grace foam and fiberglass. For example, this board went for $1,400 on eBay recently.

Schroff’s earlier boards, however, can be had for significantly cheaper prices. The pictures attached to this post come from a Craigslist listing in Berkeley, California of all places, listing an early Schroff single fin for a mere $185.

This board bears the original – and yes, less popular – Schroff logo, which you can see in the first picture. Stoked-n-Board dates the original logo as being used from 1978 to 1980. The double wing to pintail design of the tail, coupled with the single fin, line up well with this time period. Schroff made a bunch of twin fins as well, which I tend to think preceded the thrusters and the quads he made during the height of his fame in the 80s.

The board has some dings, so it’s not in perfect condition, and there are some spiderweb cracks towards the top of the fin box. Still, though, I think for under $200, you’re looking at a nice deal on a board from a shaper who has gained quite a cult following.

If you’re interested, you can check out the board here.

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