Surfboards Hawaii Vee Bottom

For the first time in Shred Sledz history, I am using a different picture to link to a post. The picture above, which I found on Flickr, courtesy of user surfvinsd, is of an 8′ Surfboards Hawaii vee bottom board.

The good news is there’s a very similar board up for sale on Craigslist right now. These Surfboard Hawaii vee bottoms are pretty hard to come by, and the one that is listed appears to be in decent condition. The poster is asking $650 for the board, which seems fair, with the big assumption that the board is in decent condition.

I couldn’t bear to post the picture that came with the ad, since this board is so dang beautiful and unique. But I urge you to check it out here and maybe even spring for the board (again, check it out in person yourself, and make sure the condition is up to snuff!) should you be inclined to own a piece of transition era surfboard history.

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