Here at Shred Sledz HQ, we’re big fans of history. For whatever reason, there are few things I enjoy more than learning about old surfboards and then organizing and presenting all the information I come across. (I humbly submit the recent post on the original Hobie Phil Edwards model, which I think might be the best work Shred Sledz has produced to date).

Just as often, though, Shred Sledz is nothing more than stumbling across a surfboard and thinking “dang, that is cool.”

Such is the case with the board pictured here, which can be found on Craigslist in Rhode Island.

The board is from Daytona Beach Surf Shop, which looks to be an old Florida-based surfboard label. The only information I could find was on the reliably excellent Stoked-n-Board site.

This board looks like it’s from the 60s, though I can’t tell if it’s a pop-out or not. It appears to be in excellent and all-original condition.

There are a few things I love about this board. One, how cool are those stripes? They’re subtle but enough to give the board some nice old school flair. Two, the glass on red fin is a nice touch. And last, but certainly not least, I love the old school logo, complete with the little “Clark Foam” insignia at the bottom of the triangle.

The seller is asking $950, which is a decent chunk of change, considering the label isn’t particularly famous. But it is in great condition, and shoot, it just looks beautiful. And every once in a while, looking cool is all that matters (for surfboards, anyway).

Check out the board here.

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