Harbour Banana

There are days when the search for rad surfboards can seem like an endless slog. There are others, though, when gems seem to fall out of the sky right into my lap.

Consider this board the latter. Up for sale on Craigslist in Honolulu is a Harbour Banana model that looks like it was likely shaped sometime in the 1970s.

What’s immediately interesting to me is the alternate Banana Model logo, which I have never seen before. Stoked-n-Board’s entry for Harbour lists no such logo, and it’s always exciting to find something that the eagle eyed editors at S-n-B haven’t encountered. I found a similar one on Stanley’s Surf Logos, which I have reproduced below. Unfortunately, there are no shots of the corresponding board, but you can see this is an excellent example of the alternate Banana Model logo.


Photo courtesy Stanley’s Surf Logos

Contrast this to the “classic” Harbour Banana Model logo, taken from a pic on Harbour’s website:


Photo Courtesy Harbour Surfboards

The second interesting thing about the board pictured at the top of this post is the fact it is more of a transitional shape, whereas the Banana Model is a traditional noserider. Currently, you can only order the Banana Model from Harbour as a longboard, and the only vintage examples I have seen are all 9′ plus. The Craigslist board at the top of this post, by contrast, is 7′10″. It looks to have way more in common with the Harbour Spherical Revolver, which was a transitional board offered up by the brand starting in 1969. The picture below was taken from DIS•PLACE•MEN•TIA, an excellent displacement hull-centric surfboard blog.


Photo courtesy DIS•PLACE•MEN•TIA

Finally, there’s a clear serial number of #64 beneath the alternative Banana logo, which you can see in the fourth pic at the top of the post. It’s unclear if this is meaningful, but it’s worth noting nonetheless.

I’ve reached out to the fine folks at Harbour Surfboards to try and get some more information. If I find out more I will update the post.

In the meantime, check out the board for sale here. It’s $400, and given the condition and the relative rarity of the board, I would be VERY tempted if I were in the Honolulu area.

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