Hansen Derringer

Here at Shred Sledz we are equal opportunity surfboard aficionados. Even though the blog is focused on vintage shapes, we love boards of all shapes, sizes, and creeds (with a few notable exceptions).

With that said, we do have a soft spot for transitional shapes, and here we have an exceptional example of an interesting board that was produced right as the surfboard industry was still figuring out a graceful way to go from heavy old longboards to shorter, nimbler shapes.

I’ve written about Hansen’s Derringer model before, but here’s an example of an all-original Derringer that is in very good shape, and has the original bolt-through fin to boot. It’s currently on sale on Craigslist (San Diego), and it’s not cheap at $600, but I don’t think that is all that outrageous, considering these boards aren’t plentiful, and this particular example seems to be in pretty good condition.

In the fourth picture you can see the vee bottom and the diamond tail. In the third you can see the top of the screw that holds the fin in, which is part of the board’s unique bolt through fin design. It looks like this bad boy has the original fin as well, which is always great.

You can check out the board here.

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