Hobie Pig

Bon weekend, fellow Shredderz! If, like me, you’re in rainy California, I’m here to deliver some sunshine in the form of what looks to be a vintage surfboard in pretty primo condition.

Pictured here is a Hobie longboard that is currently for sale on eBay. It’s not going to be cheap – there’s a reserve on the auction and the buy it now figure is at $1,700 – but it’s a beautiful board.

The poster claims this 9′6″ longboard was purchased in 1965 and kept in pristine conditions in the 50 years since then.

It’s hard to find detailed knowledge on vintage Hobie Surfboards online, mostly because Stoked-n-Board doesn’t have its usual wealth of information on the brand. While there’s a serial number visible here – looks like 16837 (probably?) –one of the few tidbits S-n-B offers for Hobie is that the numbering is not reliable.

To me, it seems extremely likely that this board hails from the 60s. Stoked-n-Board has two other data points that are interesting. First, S-n-B claims that Hobie offered glass-on mahogany fins in 1964, which matches up well with the timeframe for this board. Second, S-n-B claims that Hobie offered 3/4″ spruce stringers in 1966. I can’t say whether or not the stringer is spruce, but it looks 3/4″, and again, this is in the ballpark of 1965.

The board is clearly a pig shape, defined by Surf A Pig as having “weight, belly, wide point aft, a skeg (D fin) and a narrow nose.” There aren’t enough pics to see the bottom of the board and a belly, but the other criteria have been met. The pig silhouette also matches up to the 1965 date mentioned in the post.

If you’re the paranoid type, the one concern is that the board is in almost TOO good of a condition. It is exceedingly rare to see 50 year boards that have aged this well, with no damage or dings anywhere. I can’t say for sure either way, but if I were looking at buying this board, I would be interested in doing some research as to whether or not it had been restored or re-glassed in any way. If the board is indeed all original, this is a pretty stunning example of an original 1960s Hobie.

You can check out the board here.

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