Shred Sledz Presents: 4/17 Weekend Grab Bag (Aipa, Hansen, Morey Pope, Hansen)

Back to our regularly scheduled weekend grab bags. Here’s a selection of some cool boards that have caught my eye recently.

Aipa / Surfing’s New Image Sting (Craigslist – Santa Barbara)


Sadly, there are no bargains to be had here. Seller is asking $2250 out the gate for this Aipa / Surfing’s New Image sting. Shout out to the seller for being clear about the fact this board was shaped by Rick Hamon, and not Ben Aipa himself (see here for an earlier Shred Sledz screed on the topic.) I have never seen that stringer setup before, and the airbrush on the bottom speaks for itself! Deck isn’t perfect but that’s like pointing out a small dent on a gullwing Mercedes. Check out the board here.

Hit the jump below for some more boards, including another Aipa, and some transitional goodness..

Aipa for Town & Country Surfboards Thruster (eBay)

Today’s a great day to be an Aipa collector, as this board is a pristine example of an Aipa-shaped T&C board. T&C boards with these neon spray jobs are collectible enough as it is, but in my eyes, they reach a whole different level of desirability when they are Aipa hand shapes. You’ll see a clear signature in the third picture. There is a bit of damage on the bottom of the board, and one of the glass on fins has started to come off, but these are pretty minor cosmetic issues from the looks of it. There are five days left in the auction and bidding is already at $305 at the time of writing. My guess is this board won’t go for anything under $1K, but we’ll just have to wait and see. Link to the board can be found here.


Morey-Pope Sopwith Camel (eBay)

Shred Sledz’s admiration for all things Tom Morey is well-documented. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this Morey-Pope Sopwith Camel gets a little airtime on the latest installment of the Weekend Grab Bag. Bidding is up to $280 with five days left, so I expect this thing to command a reasonable price when the dust settles (maybe a shade under $1K?) It’s not in perfect condition, as there are some repairs visible, and the board is also missing the original fin. I LOVE the logos around the fin box, as you can see in the last picture. Link to the board can be found here.


Hansen 50-50 Mini (Craigslist – San Diego)

Pictured above is a sweet little Hansen 50 50 Mini for sale on Craigslist in San Diego. You can find the link to the board here. It features a pretty unusual logo, which the poster refers to as the “space” logo. I say it’s unusual because I can’t find the logo on Stanley’s Surfboard Logo Library, which is a pretty good rule of thumb for these kinds of things. The poster pegs the board to 1968 or 1969. If you look closely you can see the bolt through fin from the deck, which indicates that the date is in the ballpark. Dims are 7’4″ x 22.5″ x 3″ (estimated) and asking price is $550. Check out the board here. Also, as a bonus, here’s an Instagram post from the California Surf Museum, showing off a similar board with another example of the space logo.


For one last little tidbit, see below for another version of the 50 50 mini logo, which is more traditional. I’m not sure which came first, the red / blue mini logo or the space logo, but as always, I’d love to hear more. Chime in the comments below if you have some insight!

Screenshot 2017-04-15 11.37.50

Photo via Swaylocks




Ben Aipa Surfboards

  • 5’10” double wing thruster. This one is clearly from the collection, hence the steep price. The upside is it has some very clear photos of the board in question. Link here.
  • 7’6″ egg thruster. Aipa shaped but under the Surfsports Hawaii label. Another board from, so price it accordingly. The board itself is pretty browned and well used, but it’s a cool example of a rare Aipa logo. Link here.
  • 9’6″ Aipa / T&C longboard on Craigslist. Not in great condition, and seller says there’s a delam on the board, too. Seller is asking $350. Link here.
  • 7’2″ Aipa thruster. Pretty good condition, though it has Astrodeck coating a good chunk of the board. Clear signature and board is going for $380. Link here.

John Lessing Twin Fin Fish (Craigslist – San Diego)

  • I don’t know much about Lessing, but I know that Tyler Hatzikian thinks enough of him to have collaborated with Lessing on a series of boards. The board is going for $140 and I love the colors. Link here.

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