Shred Sledz Social Media Roundup (May 8)

Greetings, Shredderz! Hope your stoke levels are high and rising. Here’s a smattering of rad surfboards I’ve seen pop up on social media over the past week or so.

It’s a scientifically proven fact that you can’t go wrong posting pictures of vintage Lightning Bolt boards. And sure, the thing has a bit of water damage, but I much prefer old boards with some character than a lot of the full-blown restoration jobs that prioritize aesthetics over preservation. But I digress. No matter where your preferences might lie, Gerry Lopez was and will always be the man.


Another proven fact: there is no such thing as too much neon. This here is a selection of some primo Echo Beach vehicles, courtesy Lance Collins of Wave Tools, and Peter Schroff of Schroff Surfboards. Love the Team lams on the Wave Tools boards to the right.

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THE INSTAGRAM TOP 10 – #2 This is the second of the Top 10 prints I’m offering on Instagram. I’ve always simply titled this picture ‘Guéthary’, but am now renaming it ‘Parlementia’ since that’s what the break is called in France. Whether it was in 1976 (when I shot the photograph) I don’t know. Quite possibly I wasn’t paying attention. I’d fallen in love with the soft European light. In Australia we get light like that for fifteen minutes at dawn and dusk… in Europe it can last all day… it’s a revelation for a photographer. The reason for the sale of this group of prints is to help finance exhibitions in France (opening 26 May at La Maison Mariénia in Guéthary) and California (hopefully early 2018). The unframed price in Australia is A$295… and A$330 for Europe and the US including international express post. The international prices will vary with exchange rates, but as of 1 May, 2017, they are approximately €225 and US$245. The actual image is 400 mm (15 3/4 inches) wide, and the beautiful Hahnemühle rag paper it’s printed on is 550 x 415 mm (21 1/2 inches x 16 1/4 approximately). There’s a direct link on my Instagram home page, or otherwise go to and look for INSTAGRAM TOP 10. I’ll happily respond to any direct messages about the prints. #johnwitzig @pensionmarienia

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Not a vintage surfboard, per se, but what a gorgeous shot from Aussie photog John Witzig. Witzig will be showing his photos in France, and probably California, in the upcoming months. Check out his book “A Golden Age” for some lovely photos of the Australian surfing scene in the 1960s and 1970s.


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Bonzer craft 1976.

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Classic example of a vintage Bonzer. Check out the beautiful colors on that Rainbow fin! You can also see the dramatic double concave in the tail.


Based on the thruster at the far right of the shot, I’m guessing this photograph was taken sometime in the 1980s. Either way you cut it, it’s a cool throwback of Takayama and what I’m assuming were his then-employees. Note that all the boards are branded with “Surf Boards by Donald Takayama”, and not Hawaiian Pro Designs.


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Expression Session 2: "Echo Beach"

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The cool kids at Surfboards and Coffee will be holding their Expression Session in a little under a month. Click through to the post above for more details! I don’t know the folks behind this little event but it seems like a cool gathering of like-minded people with some rad boards.

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