Andy Irons Personal Rider by Eric Arakawa

Greetings, Shredderz! Today’s post might be pushing the envelope of just what is considered vintage. For those who argue that a board shaped in the 2000s does not qualify, I would like to invoke the special Legends Clause, which stipulates that anything related to the late, great Andy Axel Irons is automatically considered fair game. Pictured below is a personal rider that belonged to Andy Irons, shaped by Hawaiian shaper Eric Arakawa.

The board above is currently for sale on Craigslist in Hawaii. You can find a link to the board here. The board measures in at 6’9″ x 18-1/2″ x 2-5/16″. Once upon a time this would have been a pretty standard step up for a top level pro like Andy, but in today’s day and age, you’ll see people like John Florence and Kelly Slater ride Pipeline on boards squarely in the 6′ range. (Surfer Magazine has a cool little breakdown of John Florence’s Jon Pyzel-shaped Hawaii quiver for the 2015/16 winter you can find here. It’s interesting to note that JFF’s go-to Pipe board is now around 6’2″ or so, and his 6’10” is for even bigger waves.)

I would guess the Arakawa board pictured above is from the early- to mid-2000s. For some context, Surfboard Hoard has another Irons / Arakawa board that is dated to 2005, and Surfboard Line has yet another example from 2003. At some point Arakawa struck out on his own, and there are pictures of Irons surfing boards that only bear Arakawa’s name (without the familiar HIC logo). Von Weirdos has a great example of an Andy Irons Eric Arakawa surfboard with no HIC logo, which it dates to 2008 / 2009. Finally, I wrote up another Andy Irons surfboard that was sold at auction, which you can read about here.

The seller is asking $3,200 for the board. It is exceedingly difficult to put a price on a collectors’ item like the Andy Irons Eric Arakawa board above. It’s worth noting the board is nowhere close to mint condition, thanks to the sun damage and an open ding. Then again, you’re not reading this post for a summary of the board’s nicks — you’re presumably here because it’s a rare example from the quiver of one of the most beloved pros in recent history.

You can check out the Andy Irons Eric Arakawa board here.

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