Schroff Surfboards: Pre-Echo Beach Years

Greetings, Shredderz! Today we have two totally bitchin’ vintage Schroff Surfboards that were recently listed for sale. I wrote a recent post featuring a Schroff twin fin and a Wave Tools single fin that were made just a few years before the Echo Beach phase. Today we have two more pre-Echo Beach Schroff surfboards that I also believe are nicely priced, and still have a lot of the features that make 80s Schroff surfboards so prized by collectors. One of the boards is sadly no longer for sale, but both Schroff surfboards belonged to the man who runs The Vintage Surfboard. This guy is a well-known collector with a bunch of awesome boards. I want to feature the boards and their prices, so that readers can get an idea of the value of these pre-Echo Beach Schroff surfboards, but I also want to be respectful of featuring photos that are not mine. For more pics of these beautiful Schroff surfboards I encourage you to follow The Vintage Surfboard on Instagram.

Schroff Surfboards Twin Fin “360 Series” (Pic via eBay)


Schroff Surfboards Schroff Twin Fin 1980 5'11".jpg

According to the seller, this twin fin was shaped in 1980. You can see Schroff’s signature aesthetic really start to take shape here, with the severe lines of the striped airbrush on the deck. The board was listed for $350, but I suspect it sold for a little higher, given that someone made a private offer for the board on eBay. To me, this is the clearest example that little details make a huge difference when it comes to price. I think if this board had featured the Schroff surfboards parallelogram logo and maybe some brighter colors it would have gone for WAY more. As it stands, the board isn’t perfect, but I think $350 for this little gem is more than reasonable. There’s also some interesting branding on this bad boy. I have personally never seen the “360 Twin Fin Series” laminate on a Schroff board before, versus, say, the more common “Quad Blaster” model.

Schroff Surfboards 1979 Single Fin (eBay)

Schroff Surfboards 1970s Single Fin.jpg

This board is a beaut, and even better, it’s still being offered for sale! The seller is asking $450…and I think that is not just reasonable, but a really good deal. Maybe I’m just a sucker for gradient airbrushes, but this thing is gorgeous. The seller claims the board was shaped in 1979, and when compared to the Schroff surfboards twin fin above, you can see that, stylistcally speaking, the single fin is much closer to a 1970s aesthetic than the angular vibe of Schroff’s 80s boards. There’s no parallelogram logo, but personally I love the old-school Schroff starfish laminate.

Please check out The Vintage Surfboard on Instagram for more pics of both Schroff surfboards above. Happy Shredding!

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