Vintage Russell Single Fin

Vintage Russell single fin that may or may not be shaped by Shawn Stussy

Greetings, Shredderz! If you’re visiting because you’re on the prowl for last-minute holiday gifts for your favorite blogger, well, look no further. A beautiful Russell single fin is currently up for sale on Craigslist in Huntington Beach. You can find a link to the board here.

As you can see, the Russell single fin pictured above is in impeccable condition. The board boasts some pretty primo details as well. The triple stringer setup is a classy touch, and check out those beautiful wooden nose and tail blocks.

Russell Single Fin 8
Close up of the graphic on the board. This has the look and feel of some of the graphics Shawn Stussy put on his later boards.

However, the detail that drew the most interest is the hand-drawn graphic on the deck of the board. I have included a close-up picture of the graphic to the left. I love the styling of the graphic, which is whimsical, but small enough so that it doesn’t detract from the clean lines of the board.

More importantly, I am wondering if the graphic might have been drawn by Shawn Stussy. Stussy shaped for Russell Surfboards in the 1970s before striking out on his own. Fellow Stussy-ologists will recognize the little fishing graphic above as fitting Stussy’s pattern of decorating his surfboards with a number of small, intricate hand-drawn graphics. I have included some examples of some of my favorite Stussy graphics below, which were taken from an old eBay listing for a beautiful 80s Stussy twin fin.

This, of course, leads to the inevitable follow-up question of whether or not the Russell single fin was shaped by Stussy himself. I have spoken with the seller and there are no signatures anywhere on the board. The graphic in question is completely unlike any other Russell Surfboards logo I have ever seen (you can see some other Russell logos on Stoked-n-Board’s site.) In conclusion, I have no way of definitively knowing whether or not Stussy played a hand in shaping the board.

Either way, the Russell single fin pictured above is a unique shape. At 7’8″ it’s not exactly an option for everyday surf. And in the very likely the case the board has nothing to do with Stussy, it’s still a super clean example of a shape from a great Seventies California label, to say nothing of the craftsmanship that went into the wooden details! Check out the board here.




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