Bing Sting: Bonzer Edition

Greetings, Shredderz! Here at Shred Sledz we like to geek out a little bit on the details of various vintage surfcraft, and today’s post features an interesting variant on a well-loved board. First, if you haven’t seen the previous posts on the famous Bing Bonzer, please check them out here. What’s not to love about Bing Bonzers? They boast serious pedigree from a number of angles, whether it’s Bing Copeland and his famous brand; the Campbell Brothers, who invented the bonzer well before the thruster was invented; and Mike Eaton, who shaped many bonzers on his own. And, if like me, you are a shallow person easily swayed by appearances, well, the Bing Bonzers happen to look very cool, from their clean lines to thoughtful touches like the Bonzer-branded side bites.

The Bing Bonzer pictured above has an interesting sting outline that I have never seen before. Every previous version of the Bing Bonzer I have seen has had a pretty straightforward 70s single fin-style outline, or something along the lines of an egg shape. Not only does the example above have wings, they are also located pretty far up on the board, much in the place where you would expect to find them on a classic Aipa sting, for example.

The board pictured above is currently being listed for sale on Craigslist in Austin, Texas. Pics in the post are via the listing, which you can find here. It measures in at a tidy 6’9″ x 20 3/4″ x 3″, and the asking price is (gulp) $680. Given the damage tot he board, what looks like an after-the-fact leash plug, and a some discoloration, I think this is expensive. But the Bing Bonzer does have some lovely resin pinlines — you can just barely make out that yellow pinline in the tail, not to mention the more obvious shapes on the deck — and price aside, it’s a wonderful example of one of my favorite boards of the 1970s.

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