John Severson “The Angry Sea” Ad: Sagas of Shred

That’s right, Shredderz: it’s Thursday night, the kids are asleep, and the underpaid and overworked Shred Sledz editorial staff (i.e., me) is hard at work digging through the archives to provide you all with another morsel of surf history. Let the millennials have their Throwback Thursdays — we’re here with even more Sagas of Shred.

As many of you already know, John Severson, the legendary founder of Surfer Magazine, passed away last year. As a longtime reader of Surfer Magazine, I had always known of Severson’s involvement with the publication, but I was largely ignorant to his other pursuits. Among other things, Severson was a photographer, a gifted artist, and a filmmaker.

John Severson The Angry Sea Poster via
Movie poster for “The Angry Sea”, via

The photo at the top of the page is an old advertisement for Severson’s 1963 film “The Angry Sea”, and it was originally published in an issue of Surfer Magazine. I’ll admit that I haven’t actually seen any of Severson’s movies, but over the past few months I have developed a real admiration for the various movie posters for his films. Severson’s movie posters feature some wonderful graphic design and a winning earnestness.

I’m also astounded by the fact that not one but two showings of “The Angry Sea” offered a free surfboard to moviegoers. The more I think about it, the more likely it was something along the lines of a raffle situation, but even so, I’ve watched a TON of surf movies on YouTube without any sort of promises being dangled in front of me.

If you’re interested in Severson’s art and his career, I cannot recommend his website,, enough. The site has many of the prints and designs that Severson created through his long and fruitful career, and they stand as a testament to his incredible contributions to this sport we all love so much.

Thanks for reading and see you next Thursday for more Sagas of Shred!

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