Late 1960s Harbour Single Fin

Greetings Shredderz, and I’d like to wish you a warm welcome to 2018! We’ve got plenty of big things in store for you this year, but we’re starting things off nice and gentle with a certified classic: a late 1960s Harbour single fin, shaped during the Transition Era.

The board pictured above is currently being offered for sale on eBay. You can find a link to the listing here. Photos above are via the eBay listing.

The Harbour single fin has a bunch of cool details. There are a few giveaways that point to the fact it was likely shaped in the late 1960s or maybe early 1970s, all of which are pretty common during the Transition Era. First, you’ll notice the Vari-set fin box (complete with a regrettably bent fin still in there). Second, if you click through to the listing, there are some pictures that show off a pronounced S Deck shape to the board.

Harbour Single Fin Transition Era 2

The logo on the board has some fascinating details. You’ll notice that a lot of the measurements are actually written on the deck of the board. Note the measurements off-set to the right, and then a number that is located right beneath the main Harbour Surfboards logo. On more recent Rich Harbour boards, you’ll often see a signature located near the fin and on the bottom of the board. However, I have seen many older Harbour boards that feature a serial number on the deck near the stringer. The Harbour single fin pictured above, however, is a bit of an outlier in the sense that it has the measurements on the deck. This is an unusual touch that I haven’t seen much, if at all. The board also doesn’t seem to have a Rich Harbour signature anywhere on it, either. From what I can tell, this is not unusual.

The seller is asking $500, which I do not find outrageous. The bent fin is a shame, but the fin box itself looks like it’s in sturdy condition. I happen to love the classic coke bottle color, and otherwise the board is pretty clean. Check out the link here.

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