Dave Rastovich & Gary McNeill Concepts

I know, I know: not exactly vintage, but we’ve gone ahead and made an editorial decision to run this video anyway. And if you’ll allow me to get a bit philosophical, Shred Sledz is a vintage surfboard blog, sure, but more than anything else, it’s a celebration of the incredible variety and history of surf craft.

Dave Rastovich is one of the patron saints of alternative surfboard designs. The video above, shot by Nathan Oldfield, features Rasta’s quiver of Gary McNeill shapes. Rasta’s relaxed yet powerful style is on full display in the clip. There are some really interesting boards in here, including a few shapes that feature a torus channel bottom. The torus channel is related to the Greenough-style edge boards that Andreini, Anderson and Mandala have all been toying with lately, and it’s fascinating to hear Rasta’s take on the mechanics of the torus channel.

Make sure you watch the last section of the video, where Rastovich takes out an 8’10” quad fin gun in some serious waves and proceeds to put on a clinic, making the board look a good two and a half feet shorter than its actual length.

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