Shred Sledz Price Checks: Vintage Skip Frye Single Fin

If, like me, you are a mere mortal in pursuit of a Skip Frye board, the secondary market will have to do. Frye’s shapes are probably the most coveted surfboards in the world, and unless you personally know the man, you’re not going to be able to put in the order. Frye’s customers are a satisfied bunch, meaning that on the rare occasions when his boards do hit the market, they are snapped up almost immediately. When I recently spotted a vintage Skip Frye single fin pop up on eBay, I was curious to see where the dust would settle.

Vintage Skip Frye Single Fin 1970s .jpg

Lovely yellow vintage Skip Frye single fin. Pic via eBay

The board pictured to the left is the vintage Skip Frye shape in question. According to the seller, the board was made sometime during the 1970s, although I can’t personally confirm this date. I also don’t have an idea of what model this might be. Last year The Surfer’s Journal ran a definitive overview of Skip’s quiver and the various models he makes, but your guesses are as good as mine. The vintage Skip Frye board is a single fin, although it’s missing the original fin.

The final closing price for the vintage Skip Frye board pictured to the left was $1300 (including a likely $200 shipping charge, as the board was located in Florida). My first reaction is to say that it’s a decent price. Granted, I love vintage boards, but Skip’s boards are impossible to find, and vintage examples are rarer still.

That said, there’s also a case to say that $1300 (or likely $1500, when it is all said and done) is a lot of money for a board with some visible heel dents and a couple of discoloration spots. I don’t think this is an outrageous stance. But maybe my indecisiveness is a sign that the price is right on the money.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Skip’s boards continue to increase in value. For more pics of the vintage Skip Frye single fin, including a close-up of the signature hand drawn wings on the bottom, check out the original eBay auction here.

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