Natural Progression Single Fin

Greetings, Shredderz! Not too much to report today other than a striking 1970s Natural Progression single fin. This board comes courtesy of a private collector named Steve, who was generous enough to share pictures with me. The board is not for sale, but it is featured here for your viewing pleasure. (And if you have some rad boards of your own you’d like to see featured here, let me know!)

Natural Progression has its roots in Los Angeles. On one hand, Natural Progression seems to have a number of fans who remember the brand fondly from its prime. On the other, it’s far from a household name. I think this is unfortunate, given the Natural Progression’s combination of old school cool and shaping pedigree, as the label was home to Robbie Dick and Phil Becker at different points.

The board featured in this post is a Natural Progression single fin that measures in at 7’10”. I’m not sure who shaped the board or when it was made, although I am all but certain it was sometime during the 1970s. As you can see, the Natural Progression single fin is still in amazing shape a few decades after it was made. I love the two-tone design, complemented by the thin white pin line on the deck.

Natural Progression Single Fin Logo.jpg
Close up of the deck. I love the contrast between the colors of the board and then the famous Natural Progression rainbow logo

Things get serious upon a closer examination of the tail. As you can see in the photo below, the board has an amazing double concave design coupled with a diamond tail in the back. It reminds me a lot of the tail you see in many Bing Bonzers, although the double concave in the Natural Progression single fin transitions into something resembling channels further up the board. There’s a great chance I am not describing this correctly, but it’s all good since the board’s owner took such killer pics.

Natural Progression Single Fin Tail.jpg
Check out that double concave in the bottom!

The Natural Progression single fin featured here is an amazing example of a Seventies surfboard, and I’m stoked to see that it has been so well maintained throughout the years.



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