Craigslist Heartbreak: Vintage Greg Liddle Surfboard

Greetings, Shredderz! This post features a board that disappointed many potential buyers all across California last night. Yes, that’s right, this vintage Greg Liddle surfboard was listed on Craigslist in Orange County for a mere $375 — well below market price — before quietly disappearing into the night. This is the exact opposite of the person who is currently trying to sell a recent Liddle hull for $2,500, which I’m still not convinced isn’t a prank.

Anyway, the vintage Greg Liddle surfboard pictured above has a ton of cool little details to it. I love geeking out on these vintage Liddles. One quick giveaway is the smaller size logo and in an unusual orange color. I’m most familiar with Greg’s most recent boards, which I think he stopped shaping just a few years ago, and were sold frequently at Mollusk. The recent boards often had blue or logos, and the font was just a tad bigger.

Vintage Greg Liddle Surfboard 6

The vintage Greg Liddle surfboard featured here has a few interesting things going on. I would say the nose is far more pulled in than Liddle’s famous hull designs, for example. I would go as far as to say the outline looks a bit like a semi gun. See here for a similar vintage Liddle I wrote up earlier. The board is only 6’6″ in length, which is a little shorter than I might have expected. According to the seller, the board is 21″ wide and a substantial 3.25″ thick.

The seller claims the board comes with an original flex fin, which you can see in the photo below. Unfortunately, there aren’t any photos that give a good idea whether or not there’s a lot of belly in the entry rocker, which makes it hard to determine if the vintage Greg Liddle surfboard is a hull.

Vintage Greg Liddle Surfboard 2

Finally, Liddle is known for having some interesting signatures on his boards. I have personally seen a wide variety of signatures on Liddle’s boards, including some with very detailed dimensions listed on the stringers. I’m fascinated by the signature on the board featured here, which only contains the length and then “soft contact.” One thing common on Liddle’s boards, though, is the use of the bullet points throughout. What does “soft contact” refer to? I have no idea, and if you have clues, let me know!

Vintage Greg Liddle Surfboard 5

I think it goes without saying that I’m insanely jealous of whoever scored this thing. In the wake of Liddle’s retirement from shaping, and the continued interest around his hulls, I would anticipate the prices for vintage Liddles to continue to climb. Either way, this vintage Greg Liddle surfboard is a super rad example from a great California shaper, and I just hope that it has found a good home.


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