Another Grab Bag: Hansen Superlight, Windansea Single Fin, Unusual Takayamas & More

Greetings, Shredderz! Welcome to another installment of the Grab Bag, which is little more than an excuse for lazy bloggers to throw up a couple of photos and some Craigslist links and then call it a day. Keep scrolling for a selection of interesting sleds listed for sale…

Hansen Superlight Longboard on Craigslist (Link)

Jeff from LA is a Craigslist cult hero. I believe he’s the head of the Longboard Collector Club, and I guess when he’s not overseeing the annual swap meet he’s selling cool vintage boards for very fair prices. I love these Hansen Superlights, which feature a unique stringer setup. As you can see in the photos the middle stringer only extends about 3/4 of the way up the board, which I assume is for better noseriding. Asking price is $700. Make sure to check out Jeff’s other auctions, which include a neat Canyon / Rusty Priesendorfer single fin and a pre-Echo Beach Wave Tools single fin, too.

Windansea Single Fin on Craigslist (Link)

I personally love the swallow tail / single fin combo, and this Seventies Windansea delivers. No telling who the shaper is, but I dig the outline, the cool double logos on the bottom, and there’s also a lovely Rainbow fin that comes with the board, too. Seller is asking $475, which seems reasonable to me.

Assorted Rare Hawaiian Pro Designs / Donald Takayama Boards (Links Inline Below)

The late, great Donald Takayama continues to be a Shred Sledz favorite. And if you’re in the market for one of Takayama’s boards, particularly those shaped in the mid-Nineties, well, you’re in luck. First up is a Josh Baxter Model shaped in 1995, which you can see in the top left photo above (click to enlarge). This board is being sold on eBay and you can find the link here.

The second board is a Hawaiian Pro Designs Mike Doyle model, shaped in 1994. This one is being offered for sale on Craigslist, and you can find a link to the board here. The seller is asking $550. Looks like there’s a high density / wood stringer and some cool fabric inlay on the fins.

Finally, the seller of the Doyle board is also offering up a 1982 Hawaiian Pro Designs / Donald Takayama noserider. I believe I wrote up this board before but the post is down. Anyway, this thing has some really neat details, including a Clark Foam laminate and a wooden tail block. It’s a tad pricier at $725. Check out the listing here.

Country Surfboards Twin Fin by Dan Flecky on Craigslist (Link)

Can’t say this thing is in the best condition, but I love the rainbow gradient paint job on the bottom and the matching airbrush on the deck. Plus, at $150, it’s pretty easy to get some value out of this bad boy.


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